How I Work

I’m a fully qualified Psychosynthesis Counsellor which means I’m able to work with you in a number of different ways with a focus on helping you look at what’s going on in your life from new perspectives so you can rebalance those elements that are causing you concern and in so doing, start to connect with more of your true potential and create a better sense of meaning and purpose to your life.

When clients work with me we might look at the impact of significant influences from the past, we will explore how behaviour, thoughts and feelings are playing out in the here and now and we will also keep a focus on aspirations, hopes and dreams for the future.

I will be aiming to help my clients see things from different angles, gain new insights, find answers and solutions, increase and evaluate choices and find a better sense of balance and wholeness by reconnecting with their own inner wisdom and power to find a way through those issues being struggled with.

This is done through providing my clients with a safe place to explore that is non-judgemental, confidential, respectful, supportive and caring and by being the kind of person you can quickly feel comfortable with. I’m committed to providing my clients with a strong sense of trust, empathy and unconditional positive regard as I believe this is crucial to the success of our client/counsellor relationship.

I believe you will find me to be someone you can easily open up to and be honest with. I’m understanding, can be challenging when the time is right and will always put your needs first so you can really get to the heart of whatever it is that’s concerning you.

Counselling is a talking therapy so this is the most important way in which I work with clients. However, I’m qualified to bring in other techniques like gestalt therapy, creative visualisation, guided imagery, symbolism and drawing but only when a client is willing to try something like this out.