May 2018

When Narcissists go on the attack, it’s not because someone has done something to them, it’s because someone has told them “No”.

If you refuse to play along with their dramas, you’ve said “No” to being controlled by them – If you speak the truth, you’ve said “No” to their lies – If you go No Contact with them you’ve said “No” to their being the centre of the universe – If you get on with your life you’ve said “No” to validating the twisted way they choose to do things.

Saying “No” to Narcissists will unleash their anger – they hate anyone they are not in control of,  who won’t believe their lies or tolerate their drama.

And so you become a target for their malice, because this anger has to be aimed at something other than the real problem – themselves. Narcissists have to avoid seeing the real truth of their own distorted personalities and ways of behaving at all costs…

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